The Smart Start Creative Learning Center

Smart Start Creative Learning Center is a well-known, high quality preschool program located in both Newark and Livermore. Smart Start offers a well-rounded curriculum that fosters the love of learning in young children in their first academic experience. We believe partnering with our students’ families is key in creating a loving, nurturing, and effective program to help students meet their potential. Developing positive relationships with our students’ parents and keeping lines of communication always open is imperative to our program’s success.

We are thrilled to offer a cutting edge Kindergarten and Transitional Kindergarten program designed to meet each child’s individual style of learning. The Smart Start 20140902_094529 (1)Preschool is dedicated to the changing needs of students. We work closely with both the Livermore and Newark school districts to address the ever-changing standards. Smart Start follows the Common Core curriculum to prepare students for entering elementary school.

All the Smart Start Preschool classes include Spanish instruction, as well as music and movement, physical education, gardening, creative art, as well as daily writing, letter and number instruction and age appropriate science and math lessons. In addition, we provide many activities to develop children’s fine and gross motor skills. The Smart Start preschool program offers both a social and academic environment. We believe that children learn best when they are having fun and enjoy being in the classroom. We provide a climate where the curriculum is fun, hands on, and creative.

victoriajacobnevontrucksHigh quality teachers are key to any great program and Smart Start is no exception. We take a great deal of time when hiring teachers to make sure they are the best fit for our program and students. Each teacher has many years experience working with young children, as well as all the necessary child development education needed to be an excellent teacher. All staff are fingerprinted as well as CPR and First Aid trained. The Smart Start Preschool teachers are here to support each child in his/her learning needs.