How do I enroll my child?
Smart Start understands that choosing a preschool and Kindergarten for your precious child is a difficult one, with a lot of thought behind it. This is why we feel honored to be serving the families in many communities.

Here are a few steps to help you get started…

School Tour
Call or email to set up a personalized tour.  Please feel free to bring your child/children along on the tours as they need to feel comfortable in our environment as well. Observations are welcome after the initial tour, and can be arranged through the director. Tours are done in the morning, M-Th. If those times do not work for you, we can arrange another time.


Once there is a space available for your child, you will be given the registration paperwork to fill out. After all the appropriate forms are turned in and the registration fee is paid, your child can attend immediately. Please check your site for the appropriate fees.

list-green  All students are accepted on a first come first served basis. Priority is given to current students as well as their siblings when the new school registration begins. Smart Start is an all inclusive preschool which provides all children the opportunity to participate in our programs and services. In order to best serve the children enrolled, Smart Start requires that documentation of any diagnosis of medical or developmental disorders be submitted with registration paperwork or at time of diagnosis. Smart Start will make any reasonable modification to accommodate and include all students. However, Smart Start reserves the right to deny acceptance to any children who require individualized attention that fundamentally alters or places an undue burden on the program and/or poses a direct threat to other children in the program. In the unlikely event that a student is admitted and we find we are unable to meet the child’s needs after careful evaluation, the director will meet with the parents to discuss alternative enrollment options. If no solution is found and and an unreasonable effort or cost must be made to accommodate the student, the child will be removed from the Smart Start program. This decision will be made on an individual basis.  list-green